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Engine Valve

Diesel power has pioneered the design, development and manufacturing of cost-effective, high-performance Engine Valves for various applications. We have the capacity and capability to develop and supply high-performance Engine Valves as per your requirements in accordance to the chemical and metallurgical specifications specified by you.

Intake and exhaust valves used in internal combustion engine are made from different materials to operate under different conditions. Inlet Engine Valves are made from Chrome Silicon Alloy Steel and Exhaust Engine Valves are made from Chrome Nickel Silicon Alloy Steel (to operate under high temperature and high stress conditions). Engine Valves are also supplied with Liquid Nitriding Process or Hard Chrome Plating which increases the surface hardening of the stem. With every valve design we strive to maximize durability through higher fatigue resistance and tensile strength.


21/4 N, BI-METAL, EN18D, EN-24, EN-52

Hardness (HRC)

21/4 N

48 to 53

BI-METAL, EN18D, EN-24, EN-52

54 to 57

Size Range (In mm)

Valve Stem Diameter

4.45 to 19.00

Valve Head Diameter

15.20 to 87.20

Valve Length

61 to 276.50

Engine Valve Types

  • Mono-Metal Valves
  • Bi-Metal Valves
  • Seat Stellite
  • Tip & Seat Induction Hardening
  • Chrome Plated
  • With Scrapper
  • Stainless Steels with or without Tufftriding
  • Hard Chrome/Nitrided Stem
  • Profile & Through Hardened Grooves
  • Shrouded
  • Reduced Stem